Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Dang Good Quesadilla!

It's time to share my all time favorite way to use my Homemade Tortillas.  
I discovered them years ago at a local restaurant.  At the time they weren't even on the menu.  You just had to know what to ask for.  I promise they are amazing!

Shrimp Mango Quesadillas

Dice up the mango.  If you've neer cut a mango, it's kind of tricky.  The pit is large wide and flat. See the un-diced part.  That's pretty much all the pit.  You can feel it as you cut.  I usually turn the mango sideways and cut on either side of the stem. It's about 1/4-1/3 inches across.  Then peel the rest and dice.
Mangoes should be slightly soft to the touch.  If they are hard, they aren't ready yet.
You can also use Champaign Mangoes.  They are heavenly!

Get some small uncooked shrimp.  Sautee in 1 Tbsp butter  until bright pink.  Remove from pan and drain any juices.  Combine 2 Tbsp butter and 2 Tbsp honey and cook 2 min to thicken.  Then add the shrimp and toss to coat.  Squeeze juice from one lime over shrimp. Remove from heat.

I sauted some green peppers, button mushrooms, and onions too.  It's optional.

Get 6 10 inch flour tortillas, and 1 1/2 cups shredded monterey jack cheese.

Layer the ingredients and cook slightly to melt chese, brown the tortillas, and meld the flavors together.

Remove from heat, cut and serve with sour cream (optional).

So Delish!

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