Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birdcages & 150!

I can't believe I reached 150 posts.  This is from my very first one.  It's from a Digi Scrapbook class I took from Jessica Sprague.  While my posts have changed a little since June 4, 2009, along with everything else in my life, I think I love blogging more than ever.

  Plus as a bonus, I get to share one of my all time favorite projects, and it only cost me about $5.

 My mom teaches school and I was lucky enough to get to borrow her opaque projector.  After this project, I think I need one of my own.  She said their school is giving the teachers new projectors that work with their smart boards, so I'm crossing my fingers I get to keep this one.

These are the images I got from The Graphics Fairy.  Just love her site.  I merged the regular birdcage and the lantern together in Photoshop to get the image I wanted.  Then printed it out and took it to Staples.  They made this transparency for $0.99.

I will be doing the candlestick soon and I will definitely share how. 

I just set up the projector, got some paint pens for $2 from Wal-mart and went to town.  It took about 2 pens to do the whole image.  It's in a space that's kind-of dead space behind the door.  Origionally I was going to put a mirror there, but I was afraid it would be broken when someone opened the door.  

This is perfect.  
I see it every morning when I wake up.  
Just gorgeous!

Here are some close-ups of the lantern/birdcage.
I love how it turned out!

 Here's a teaser of what we did in the boys room with the projector.  I'm waiting for the vinyl from my sweet sis-in-law and I'll post final pics.  It's amazing how the projector has opened up so many possibilities for projects.  Maybe thats why it's called a PROJECT-OR!

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