Monday, July 16, 2012

Jeans - Repurposed

 I love repurposing things.  This time it's a jean skirt that I didn't like the bottom edge and some old jeans that were too big.

Pretty easy and I love it.  

Here's how.

 Cut apart the jeans completely so you have large panels. I cut all the seams off too.

 Decide on the size of the ruffle you want and cut up the panels into strips.  I used the first one as a template to cut the rest.

 Finish cutting strips, and remove the ends that are angled.

 To seam the strips together I just layed one end on top of the other and stitched down as shown.

Here's the skirt.  I measured the length I wanted and trimmed the end off.

 It has a front split so I need to fix that.

 I cut a piece of the jeans to cover the split like shown.

Then I surged the edges to prevent fraying.

Using matching thread, sew down the back piece.  Really I could have stopped here if I wanted, but I wanted some ruffles.

Sorry I didn't take any pics of the ruffling, but I just did a straight seam attaching the strips, making a small pin tuck every so often.

Wash the skirt a few times to fray the edges and trim any excess.

And done! Easy, Cute, and I didn't spend a dime!

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