Monday, July 30, 2012

Capri-Sun's and Polka-Dots

My girl has been saving her Capri-Suns from her school lunches and I finally got around to making something super cute with them.  In all it took 28 pouches.  Now that school is starting again, start saving them and you'll have enough in no time.

Wash and dry pouches and set your sewing machine to zig-zag.  When sewing the pouches together, I just layed one on top of another slightly and stitched them in place.

 Sew 6 top-to-bottom pieces.

 Sew 4 of the 3-in-a-line side to side pieces.
 To construct the front and back, add two of the 3-in-a-row pieces on either side of a top-to-bottom piece.
 Now make the top and bottom pieces.  Take one of the top-to-bottom pieces and add about half a pouch.  I measured it against the sides to make sure they were even.  You will need two of them, one for the bottom of the bag, and the top flap.
 Stitch the sides and bottom together creating the sides.  I turned mine over to get the silver showing for the sides.

 Stitch the sides to one side of the back.  It's kind of tricky to do the corners.  I sewed down one side, then moved the needle to sew the next side down.

NOTE:  Attach the ribbon closures now before fully assembling the bag.  I didn't and it was very difficult to sew them in place.

 Get some D-Rings and cut one pouch to make the side rings for the strap.  I folded them over and stitched both sides.
 Prepare your ribbon by cutting equal pieces the length you want for the front straps.  I finished the ends by sewing the ribbon together at the end, then turning it right side out.
 Once it's turned sew a straight seam across the bottom to secure the point.
 Add the D-rings to either side of the bag and sew the ribbon in place around the ring.
Sew the ribbon to the top flap and attach to bag.
And you're done!

 So Cute!

She's done with the photo shoot and can't wait to put her treasures in it.  She already informed me that this is the bag she's going to use for school.  I don't mind one bit!

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