Saturday, October 27, 2012

Curly-Q Apples

I recently purchased this lovely little tool that looks kinda weird, but is Oh-So-Much fun to use.  It's an Apple Corer-Peeler and you can get yours from Amazon by clicking on the link on my sidebar.  They are super easy to use and my kids love it.  Plus with it being apple season, it is going to make canning a breeze.  I'm still waiting for my shipment to come but when the do, I will definitely share.  
For today I wanted to share a new way to pack apples in your kiddo's lunches.  You can even let them do all the work, like my boy is doing here to help demonstrate.

They come out with this fun Curly-Q shape.  Almost like a pig's tail.  You can set the machine to peel the apple too, but for lunches, I wanted to leave the skin on.
Wrap the sliced apples tightly with plastic wrap and it will help it from turning brown before lunchtime.  My kids love the apples this way and were asked by friends and teachers where they got the machine to do it.  I'm so happy to share!

 Another way to make healthy lunchtime fun!


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