Friday, October 19, 2012

Sushi Cake and my Milestone Birthday

Ok.  I'm OLD!  Really, I was pretty depressed about the whole 40 thing the whole week before my birthday.  Luckily I have a great friend who also recently turned 40 who seriously cheered me up!  She said she wanted to make my birthday cake for me, so after much pondering I asked for a sushi cake.  She's a fabulous cake decorator, you can see a previous cake she made for my daughter here, and I knew she could do it.  But she floored me when I walked in and saw her creation.  WOW!  She also made real sushi with rice and seaweed and everything.  I was touched.  Let me show you what she made.

The chop sticks are made from fondant.  There's a pile of bubble tape ginger, and a ball of frosting wasabi.  
Love it!

She also made a huge pile of individual sushi rolls out of rice crispys, fruit by the foot, gummy worms as the centers, and swedish fish for the tops.  They were a huge hit with everyone, especially the kids!

The roll was made out of cut up pieces of cake that she colored different colors, then rolled up in a layer of rice crispy treats, then rolled in green fondant.  On the end she put some puffed rice cereal to look like real rice.

Here's my attempt at being Vanna White.  While I'll never be on Wheel of Fortune, 
I sure felt fortunate to have such a great friend on my milestone birthday!

Sushi cake... it's a Fabulous Thing!

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