Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Roundup

Ever since I met {J} over at Twigs and Twine, 
she's kept me busy, busy, BUSY with more reclaimed wood orders.  
If you head over you can see my latest batch displayed.

Some are custom like this one and this one, but for the most part,
I get to just play.
From the next several pictures, it's obvious that I've been playing with
different fonts, different designs, and different colors.

I seriously have crafting ADD.

It's funny to go through my stash of supplies and remember which phase I was in at the time.

Scrapbooking.  Check.
Card making.  Check.
Jewelery making.  Check.
Quilting.  Check.
Vinyl.  Check.
Sewing Fabric Bags.  Check.
Sewing Maxi Skirts.  Check, check and still checking!

But now it's on to reclaimed wood.
For the most part it's pallet wood, but occationally
I will score some different pieces like a sheet of lovely beadboard and plywood.

And since none of these signs will be going up in my house,
I just put them in the best looking place for display for the pictures.
Hence, they are all taken in the same spot.
If you want a different setting... well use your own imagination.

So here's the round up.

First is a Bakery sign on beadboard.
I love the font.  It's the same one I used in my blog header.
Again the process is the same as this one and this one.
I make the transparency, print it at Staples for $1,
take it home and set up my projector and start tracing.
I used to use contact paper and the Cricut, but I felt limited on what I could design.
The projector method takes longer for sure, but I have more artistic license.

There I go talking like I'm actually a real artist.

Nah.  Just a crafty girl who likes to play with power tools and paint.

Bonus is that I'm actually getting paid to craft.
That's never happened before and I'm savoring every moment.

I like playing with birds and have used them quite a bit in the past.
These are some new images I found and thought I would try them out.

This one is a throwback to this board I made at the beginning of the year.
Same image, totally different design and color.

Again more bird love.

I think it's fun that you can see part of the labeling on the wood.
It says product of Canada.
Kind of cool.

I love this word-art.  
I plan on doing something like this for my daughter for her room.
I just have to decide on the medium.
Haven't got that far yet.

Last was a quick piece that was super easy to paint.
I love it when pieces come together quickly with out much extra work.
I've wanted to  play with come kitchen images and have done a few in the past.

I definitely see some zinc letters in my future.
But for now... enjoy!

That's enough for one day.
Sheesh.  I'm tired.

Another day saving the planet using reclaimed wood
and making things a little more beautiful.
If I do say so myself.  ;)

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