Monday, April 9, 2012


Here's a quick and belated Easter Post.
 This is my Easter Banner.  I cut egg shapes out of scrapbook paper and pasted it to Cardstock to give it sturdyness.
 I made some Chicks and a Bunny too.
 Then I tied each piece together with ribbon.
 A few more views.
 Now for the Basket.  Super easy and cheap.  A stack of 100 plates was less than $2 at Walmart.  I'll be good for baskets for a long time.  It needs to be the regular old paper ones.
 Cut a 4 inch square out of paper for a template.
 Center the square and lightly trace around the square.  These will be your fold lines.
 Now cut from the edge of the paper plate to the corner of the square you drew.
 Fold up on the fold line and press.  You can use a bone folder here or just your fingernail to get a nice firm crease.
 Now fold in the corners like shown.
 Continue all the way around.
 With your glue stick glue the corners to each other to form the basket.
 Now fill and decorate.  I just tied some cute ribbon around the basket, but scrapbook paper would be very cute too.  Be as detailed and creative as you want to be.
 I used my paper shredder and some green printer paper to make the grass.  I really hate the plastic grass they sell at the store.  It gets everywhere.  This way when they are done it all goes into Recycle.

Happy Easter!

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