Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Gallery Wrapped Photos $6!

I have wanted some large gallery wrapped prints for a long time, but $75-$100 per print is not in the budget.  I figured out how to do these for about $6 each.  Yep.  $6. 

I even have proof.  Each print is 24x36.  They are $2.99 from Staples.  Get the engineering black and white prints.  They do have larger, but for my space I wanted 24x36.  The Polystyrene sheet was 1/2 inches thick and was about $6.50 and I can get 6 canvases out of one sheet.  Then the spray adhesive was $5.99 at Wal-mart. So if you do the math, it comes out to about $6 per print.  Awesome! 

So now we have some supplies.
Mark and measure the 1/2 inch polystyrene insulation.  I used a T-Square to help make things easier.  Draw your lines on the back side of the insulation.  It is super easy to cut.  I just used my serrated paring knife in a gently sawing motion.  The only downside is the little white styrofoam pieces that inevitably ends up on the floor. I cut mine 22x34 because I wanted to wrap the insulation with the print.  You could paint the edges and make it full size if you wanted.
 Next I measured the print in about one inch.  When I do it again I will place the insulation on top of the print, mark it, then make the folds.  One of them didn't turn out exactly perfect by just measuring in 1 inch.
 Make folds along the marks and cut the corners out.  This will give you a clean corner.
 Dry fit the insulation to the print make any adjustments to the folds.
 Take the insulation outside and spray the plain side.  I followed the manufacturers instructions for a permanent bond.  Carefully place the insulation on the print making sure it fits the folds correctly.

 Next I got out my trusty rolling pin to squish out any air bubbles.  Roll it good and hard.
 Spray the edges and press in place.  I had just enough to wrap the back edge too just a little.  Keep pressing to keep the deges in place. 

I let mine dry overnight with some heavy books on top to keep things flat.  I kept getting interrupted with trivial things like homework, dinner, and bedtime.
 Using my scissors, I cut a small line in the edge of the picture about 6 inches down from the top.  Insert a paperclip with the large side inside the insulation.
 I used heavy upostery thread and strung it through the paperclips.  Since this weighs almost nothing you don't need anything heavy duty to hold the picture up.
 I used my scrapbook ink to ink the edges.  That's totally optional.

Mark where you are going to place your prints and hang.  Super easy!

 I love it.  I so miss Washington.  These were taken at the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse in North Western Washington.  The Olympic Mountains will always be my favorite!

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