Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Something Cute!

So my girl has a very cute pair of jeans with butterfly stitching on the pockets.  
Unfortunately she's worn some holes in the knees, a hole on the bum at the pocket, 
and the cuffs are very frayed. 

 I do like the frayed look, but these jeans needed some new life.  
This upcycle is super easy and you can embellish them however you like.  
I'm using some lace tape, but really the possiblities are endless.  
All in all this took me about 45 minutes.  Plus wash time to finish the frayed edging. 

Let's get started.

First cut the jeans off where you want the length of the skirt to be.

Next cut out the inseam.  The whole inseam - seam.  Make sense?

I cut a litle extra at the crotch so that the fabric will lay flat.

Open up one of the legs and remove the seams. 
Cut 2 triangles that will fit the opening you created by cutting out the inseam.
Add a little extra on the edges so it will overlap the leg opening on the skirt.

Dry fit the triangle in your leg opeing to make sure it's big enough.

I'm using some lace tape I bought at SAS.  I still have plenty and will definitely use it again on lots of other projects.

Pin the lace to the triangles. I made them into a kind of chevron shape, but you could do any design.

Sew the lace in place, both sides of the lace.  I serged the outer edge of each piece.  I want some of the edges to fray, but not the inside of the wedge.

The small piece in the middle is for the hole in the bum.
I covered a scrap of denim with some lace and sewed it in place.
I also serged the edges of the rectangle.

 Pin the patch to the inside of the hole on the bum.

Top stitch in place.  It turned out more like a pie shape stitch line.  I did two stitch lines.  One with white thread, one with blue since most of the other top stitching on the jeans is shades of blue.

Pin the triangle in place under the jeans leg opening.

Top stitch in place.
I added another piece of lace tape to the outer leg on both sides.

And done!

When I showed my girl, she said, "Mom that is the cutest skirt ever!"
After I recovered from melting, I said, "Thank you. Thank you very much!"

After a quick wash and dry to fray the edges,
it was outside for some pics and tree climbing.

Super cute.
The skirt, and the girl!
Love ya!

PS.  I was recently contacted by the Marketing Director for SAS.  
She wants to link to my blog since I have so many projects using their products, and she wants me to display some of my creations in their store window, AND maybe teach some classes.
I'm so honored, pleased, and super excited!  
Well just giddy!

Come back often.  I have many many more projects using SAS fabrics.

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