Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Ruffles and Maxies

Today I'm sharing one more Maxi skirt.
I also thought I'd play around with iPhoto and change things up a bit with my first pic.  I usually enhance the colors a bit, but thought I'd try Black and White this time.  Let me know what you think.  Maybe I'll try some different effects on future posts.

Anywho.  Back to my Maxi.

This beautiful textured fabric came from none other than my hands down favorite fabric store SAS.  They have 2 huge isles of knits and I always, always find some fabulous piece to play with.  I love the texture and it has the nice stretch that normal knit does so it is super comfortable.  When I wore it to church recently, a friend asked if I bought enough extra so she could make one too.  Sorry no. But I'm always up for another road trip to SAS.


This time I'm cutting more of an A line skirt, rather than the straight rectangle I shared before.
The bottom ruffle is about 6 inches thick.

Sew up the side seams and add the elastic waistband.

Gather up the bottom ruffle and pin in place.

Sew ruffle to skirt and you're done.
I didn't serge the edges, just left them raw.
I'm lazy like that sometimes.
But it's knit so I don't have to worry about raveling.
And done.
This skirt is super comfortable.  I just love it!
Plus it's black so it will go with anything.
This time I jst added a wide black belt and ribbon necklace.
Simple.  Classic.

Of course I'm freezing again for the pictures.
Can't you tell by my clenched fists.
One day I'll thaw out again.

My little black maxi.
Gotta love it!

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