Friday, March 22, 2013

A Scrapy Easter Bunting

It's Easter time and time to get decorating.  
I'm so loving the spring colors right now.  
And this project was quick and easy to put together.  

I dug through my fabric stash to find these super cute pieces.  
There is cotton, seersucker, flannel, fleece, and chenille.  
It's a great random sampling of colors and textures.

First I cut out an egg shape with paper to be my pattern, 
then started cutting eggs out of the fabric.  
I also cut rectangles of burlap for the bunting.

The first project is for my kitchen window frames.  
I change them out seasonally and it's time for the Easter version.

I ripped up an old book and used the pages for the backgound.  
I just taped the pieces to a sheet of paper that fits the frame.  
Then trimmed the excess off.

Each one gets a single egg.  
I varied the colors and textures of the eggs on the wall.

Here's the finished frames.  
There are 3 frames on either side of the window.

Easy and done!

Now for the bunting. 
I took each egg and sewed around the edge to attach them to the burlap, 
then added a ribbon to the top to string them together.


Simple. Cute.
Happy Easter!

I will have some more Easter decor and recipes coming soon!

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