Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Burlap and Birds

I have been thinking about this project for a long time and finally got it finished the way I want it.
I regularly think about this scripture in Mark 4:39. 
We can go into a whole Sunday School lesson about it, but I will let you do that on your own.  

I know that I can get stressed, overwhelmed, scared, frustrated.... you name it sometimes.  
When that happens I have to force myself to remember this quote. 
I knew if I added it to my decor, it  hopefully will be a much easier, and prettier reminder.

I saw this bird tree on Graphics Fairy a while ago and originally planned on making a pallet wood tree for Christmas with it.  
That hasn't happened yet.... 

But until then I love the birds and the versatility of the image.  
I can use one bird or seven, depending on the effect I am going for,
or the size of the canvas. 
I will definitely be using it again.

For the Burlap one, I wrapped a piece of MDF with burlap and stapled it in place, 
similar to this project.
Then I cut out the letters on contact paper with my Cricut. 
I'm using the Billionaire font.
I stuck them to the burlap and traced with a sharpie, 
then removed the letters and filled the letters in.

Then I set up the projector, picked the bird image I wanted and started tracing.

It's really easy, and quick.

Then I put it on my faux mantel with a pallet box I made a while ago but never decided where I wanted it to go.
I had the vintage bottles in my collection and I like the color contrast they bring.

For the Pallet wood, I followed the same tracing process, only this time I used the negative image contact paper for the lettering.  I may try this with regular craft paint next time, but I knew tracing the birds would be much easier using a sharpie.

After tracing I sanded the whole thing a bit and added hanging hardware.

You can also purchase these items on my etsy shop.  Please stop by!

Until then,
Peace... be still.


  1. very pretty, I love that you used burlap for the 'canvas'.

  2. I love it all and what a beautiful message. I would love to use these bird images in my next project. So glad I found you at GF. I am a new follower and would love you to follow back if you can:)

    Happiness and Peace!

  3. I love the birds with that saying! You did a fantastic job! I like your faux mantle :) Thank you for linking this up with Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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