Friday, January 18, 2013

2 T-shirts Done 2 Ways

 It's the last day of Scarves for a while anyway.  These were fun to put together and play with different options.

I did learn something I hadn't realized before.

Not all t-shirts are made the same.

I mean that some of them have side seams, and some don't.  All the one's I got at Goodwill have side seams.

It's not a deal breaker, but it definitely changes what you can do with them.

Since my husband won't part with any of his t-shirts right now, I may go back to Goodwill and see if I can find some without side seams, but for now, I'm happy with what I have.

You need to find a shirt that is XL or XXL to make sure you have enough fabric.

Let's start cutting!

Cut up the t-shirt into 1 1/2 inch strips.  Cut out the sleeves and the bottom hem.
I kept cutting all the way up to the neckline.  Since I have side seams,
I have to join each strip anyway so I can use the upper chest portion between the sleeves.

Now that you have all the strips, cut off the seams and fold 2 strips over.
Cut about a 1/8-1/4 inch through both strips like shown.

Lay the strips end to end.

Lay one strip on top of the other.

Take the other end of the bottom strip and poke it through the holes you cut.

Pull tight and you've joined the two strips.

Continue this process adding all the strips you cut.

Then holding each knot, pull the fabric to stretch it and curl the edges.
It will nearly double the length of each strip and 'finish' the edges.

Drape one end around your neck to decide how big you want the smallest circle.
Then coil up the rest of the fabric, gradually getting bigger with each loop.

Take the 2 ends and tie them around all strands of fabric.
I wrapped the ends in a criss-cross pattern then tied a double knot at the end.
Tuck the loose ends into the knot.


 Now for the Tan shirt.  It's very similar, with a few minor changes.

Cut the shirt apart all the way including the hem and sleeve seams.

I originally thought the side seams wouldn't matter, but they do.
I cut about a 2 1/2 in strip in a spiral working up to the top of the shirt.

Cut out the side seams and join the strips in the same manner as above with the slits.

Here's the bottom layer poked through the slits.

Pull the strips tight to form the knot.

Stretch each edge of the strips of fabric to curl them into a slight ruffled edge.

With some of the sleeve fabric cut two strips about 1 inch wide.
Stretch the strips to roll the edges.

Find the 2 ends of the large piece and join them together overlapping about 4-6 inches.
Tie with the rolled strips you just made.

Start tying single knots with the loose ends like shown.

Start from the top and work down, then start from the bottom and work up.
Your knots should meet in the middle.  Tuck the loose ends inside the knots.

The finished knots should look like this.

 Loop it around your neck and you're done!

Thanks for joining me today.

Next week will be all things Valentines. decor, bunting, printables, treat baskets, and photography ideas for Valentines Cards.

Have a fabulous day!

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