Saturday, January 12, 2013

Preserve Some Grapefruit Goodness

Today let's save some Grapefruit Juice.  I love this citrus fruit with a little sugar, and my husband loves the juice straight.  No sugar.  While I can't do that, I'm falling more in love with the juice.  It's tangy and a little sweet (with the sugar) and super good for you.  With all the flu and sickness going around right now, who couldn't do with a little boost of Vitamin C right? 
My mother in law has a tree that is loaded with fruit and since no one else in the family wants some, why I'll never know, I filled a few large grocery bags to bring home and preserve.  
Plus we've been eating it every day for breakfast.  Can't get enough of it! 
It's super easy to bottle.  You just need to juice the fruit.

I peeled my grapefruit like oranges, then ran them through my Breville Juicer.
You can find them on my sidebar.
I bought this originally to process some grapes a few years ago.  Then recently we watched
Hungry for Change.  The movie is Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  Definitely a must see.  
It was kinda cool that my Breville was the same juicer Joe uses.
While I'm not quite ready to do a full juice diet, this juicer is fabulous!

Now that your grapefruit is all juiced, prepare lids and jars.

Fill jars with juice.  You can do straight juice, or add sugar at this point. 
 I added 1/4 cup sugar to each jar.  
Add more or less according to taste.  
I would probably go light, you can add more when you open the jar to use the juice later.

Process jars in a steam or boiling water canner for 15 minutes.
Lift lid away from you and place jars on wire rack to cool.
Let sit for 24 hours.
Lable and add to your pantry.

Easy. Done.

Next week I'm doing scarves and Valentines stuff.
Please come join me!

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