Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentines Pallet Hearts

Love is in the air at my house.  My kids keep asking me why I'm doing all this Valentines decorating.
It's not even February for goodness sakes!
Really,  I just love RED.  Plus a girl needs to create sometimes.
It's so fun thinking up new ways to use stuff I already have.
And I love Valentines!
What an fabulous holiday to help you express how much you really luv and appreciate those around you!
Oh yeah, and I can't get enough Red Hearts in my life right now.
Love 'em!

Alright.  Let's get crafting.

First I used some pieces of pallet wood and traced some hearts on them.
Then I cut them out using a scroll saw.

After cutting and sanding, I used a red wash on each piece.
It was 1/2 craft paint and 1/2 water.  I wanted it thin.

Let dry and sand again.
Drill holes in the corners so you can tie the slats together.

I used Jute to tie them together.

Here's my wreath on my front door. 
The berry sprigs were left from Christmas.
I made some burlap rosettes and added them too.

Yeah! More Red!

This pot sits next to my front door.
It has more of the love notes from yesterday's post.

Love my entry way!

Now for my Faux Mantel.

I had some foam core left from another project and decided to cut a piece out.
I used a serrated paring knife and it was super easy to cut.
Although the little foam pieces got everywhere!
Thank goodness for my vacuum.

I ripped up some red fabric and and tied them together in a square knot.

Start wrapping and tuck the loose ends in.

I used a needle and thread to attach the heart to my fabric wreath.
Then when I'm ready to take the heart down,
it's just a little snip snip.

Here's the Wreath before all the embellishing.

I found an old children's song book in my library to add to my shelf.
I paper clipped the pages together so that they hold their heart shape.
This is the back side that goes to the wall.
You need a well loved book so that it will stay open flat.

Here's the little red pallet heart I made at the same time as the large wreath heart.
It goes along side a wicker basket of red flowers,
and a large candle stick with a red candle.

Then I took some scrap burlap and a red sharpie.
I drew the hearts on the burlap,
then sewed them to an organza ribbon to make the bunting.

 I love the finished project!

Happy V-Day Decorating!


  1. The wood hearts are such a great idea! Everything looks great! Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend! (If you turn off the word verification you will get more comments. I know a lot of people give up on commenting when they have to do that...just a help :))

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks so much Tammy! I love linking up and your blog is always wonderful! Also thanks for the comment tip. Done.


  2. I love your pallet heart wreath! It's cute and unique! I'm pinning it!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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