Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Scarf in Under 10 Minutes!

I'm so addicted to scarves right now.  
And not even the ones that keep your neck warm in the cold.
It's become my fashion accesory of choice.
My favorite are the ones I can whip out in a matter of minutes.
This time, it looks like you spent hours crocheting or knitting. 
Nope.  About 10 minutes.
Probably less once you understand the process.
All you need are your hands.
Yep. No tools required!

You should be.
This project is so easy, even non-crafty types can do it.
I promise!
Ready to be addicted to making scarves?
This project was so easy, I wanted to make several at one time.

And it's all thanks to my Mom!  She is the one that taught me, and now
I want to share with you.
Thanks Mom!

Yarn Scarf

First you need 2 skeins of super loopy big yarn.
Traditional yarn won't cut it.
I scored these for $3 each skein at Michaels.

Unravel each skein.  Lay it out loosely so it doesn't get tangled.

Find the ends and put them together.

Keep the two strands together as you work your way to the middle of the skein of yarn.

Put the 2 strands together and tie a simple knot leaving a large loop at the end.

Now reach through the loop and grab the 4 strands of yarn.  Pull them through the loop.

Reach through the loop you just created and pull the 4 strands through.
Now reach through the new loop and pull the 4 strands through.

Repeat until you finish the whole length of yarn.  
I left the loops loose and didn't tighten them down too tight.
It will keep the scarf light and fluffy.

Tuck the ends in by looping them around and pulling tight to secure.

And you're done.
I made mine while one batch of my Cowboy Cookies baked and had time to spare.

Now let me show you how to wear it.

Take the scarf and fold it in half like shown.

Take one strand and put it through the loop.

Take the other strand and put it through the loop from the under side.

It's kind of weaving them in place.  

I love the way it looks!

A fabulous scarf that everyone will think you either bought or took hours to make!
And only you and I have to know your secret!
You'll get lots of compliments on it!

You're welcome! ;)

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  1. As kids we used to do this kind of braiding with rope, but we called it Indian Braiding. Another word for it is crocheting with your hands.


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